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    Checklist for a Great Fit


    Check that the band is straight (parallel to the floor) and low across the back. It should fit snug, but you should be able to fit one finger underneath.


    Straps should be snug with some tension, but you should be able to run a finger under them comfortably.


    The bra’s underwire should be resting under the armpit just behind the breast tissue, not on the breast tissue. If the underwire pokes or rests on top of the breast, you need a larger cup size.


    The cups should lay flat against the body. If there is gapping at the top of the cup, you probably need to try another style or go down one cup size. If your breasts are "bulging out" of the top of the cup, you need to go up at least one cup size.

    Center front

    The center front should be lying perfectly flat against your breast bone (between your breasts).

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