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The first bra you will never throw away

Chantelle has reimagined lingerie design with the first circular, 100% recyclable bra. With technical innovation, Chantelle One is designed without solvents. Using a dedicated recycling process, Chantelle is then able to make components for the next collection.

Chantelle One



Chantelle One



  • Freedom of movement
  • Soft fabrics with a second-skin effect
  • The epitome of lightweight comfort
  • Ultra soft and stretch materials provide well placed modesty


"Great material and perfect shape that is gentle on the skin. I love it! A real favorite."


"Amazing initiative. We have to be aware of our waste and our impact on the planet."


"As a Chantelle customer, I love that you will be the first to do this. Recycling bras just makes sense. Well done!"


"For a recyclable product, this has optimal comfort and is very pretty. A great investment in our future."



It is a 100% circular lingerie collection featuring products that are fully recyclable.
When you are done wearing your Chantelle One, you send it back to be be recycled and used to produce the next Chantelle One products. Unlike with other undergarments, you will never have to throw it away.
Until now, bras were not recycled for two reasons-
1) because they are made up of many components (metal wires, plastic clips, straps, foam, etc.)
2) because they contain an elastic fiber: elastane, which when mixed with other fibers makes recycling very difficult.
Chantelle One products are made using a new and innovative elastic fiber, designed without solvents and used in the place of elastane, making recycling possible.

The Chantelle One products that you send back to us, as well as the material lost during manufacturing, are melted down and transformed into microbeads which will then be used to manufacture the parts and components (wires, clasps, adjustment buckles, straps…) of new Chantelle One products.
Email us when you want to return at We will send you a return shipping label and coupon code for your return.
The Chantelle One line is mainly composed of an innovative elastic fiber that replaces elastane, recyclable even when mixed with other fibers.
Chantelle One is designed in Paris, like all Chantelle products, and made in our factory located in Tunisia.