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Chantelle Heritage

Our history

More than 130 years of expertise to achieve perfection...
one second to experience it


At the end of the 19th century, the company that was later to become Chantelle is founded.
At that time, women’s figures were still tightly corseted to enhance their curves.


The company showcases innovation by creating the first elasticized fabrics stretchable in two directions, opening up new possibilities for innovative corset makers…


Maurice Kretz launches the first girdles made of those stretchable fabrics, it is an immediate success!


Released from the corset, the urchin silhouette gains its freedom.


The Chantelle Brand is born and the slogan “Chantelle,the girdle that never rides up” becomes famous in the 1950s.


Fifties, birth of the New Look silhouettes, wasp waists and atomic breasts...


With the beginning of ready-to-wear fashion, Chantelle launches its first bras under the direction of Claude Kretz.

Claude Kretz, founder of the Chantelle brand, and his father (to the right), Jean Kretz, inventor of the “Kretz tulle”.


In order to succeed in this new and ambitious project, the company hires an “abrasive” British corset maker, “Miss Hadley”, whose secrets are passed on from generation to generation.


Chantelle opens its first factory in Epernay, Champagne region in France.It is still operational today. The first office outside of France is opened in Düsseldorf (Germany), the start of Chantelle’s international expansion.


The launch of the “Fete” collection, made of Calais lace will rapidly become a bestseller with over 1 million units in sales a year for many years.


The launch of a major innovation: the “Defi” collection, the first seamless bra with molded cups providing real support.


Chantelle listens to working women who are looking for a new seduction.


An American subsidiary is established in New York, which starts the brand’s international expansion outside of Europe.

As the fashion in bras returns to women showing more cleavage, Chantelle combines this trend with a message on quality in the ad campaign “It may be a detail, but it’s a Chantelle”.


Chantelle confirms its place as the world’s leader in high-end French lingerie with its wide product offerings and ad campaign: “Chantelle, Paris dresses women of the world”.


Stephanie Seymour, photographed by Peter Lindbergh


Chantelle is the first Lingerie Brand to enter the well-known artistic world of the Assouline Publishing.


A sculpted figure with enhanced curves: Chantelle reinvents the girdle and creates Sexy Shaping.

As the world leader in French Lingerie, Chantelle’s success comes from innovative for women in search of elegance and well-being.