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    We invite you to support breast cancer awareness Beyond October – a campaign designed to live past Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Inspired by activist and two-time breast cancer survivor, Kimberly Jewett, we commit to donating for the remainder of 2018, 15% of the proceeds from this page to Breastcancer.org, a non-profit organization supported by Kimberly.

    “I am so excited to announce my partnership
    with Chantelle - a lingerie brand that helped
    support me through both of my cancer journeys
    while giving back to a great organization such
    as breastcancer.org!”

    - Kimberly Jewett

    "Our mission is to help women, men, and their
    loved ones make sense of the complex medical
    and personal information about breast health
    and breast cancer, so they can make the best
    decisions for their lives."

    - Breastcancer.org

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