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Our commitment in the fight against Covid‑19

Our masks

The masks are made of three-layer cotton fabric, filter more than 90% of the particles of three microns and offer a breathability of more than 96%. Oeko-Tex Standard 100-certified textile materials are used for production under strict hygienic conditions. In addition, the masks have been shown to retain all functions in terms of filtration and breathability after washing up to 50 times.


Wash your hands before putting on the mask

Once attached, please do not touch the mask

Place the mask on your face by using the elastic bands

Wash or disinfect your hands before removing the mask

Make sure your mouth and nose are completely covered


Do not wear the mask below the nose

Do not touch the mask once it is in place

Do not wear a mask if it does not cover your chin

Do not pull the mask under the chin and wear it around the neck

Our Factories and Employees

Our masks are made in Vietnam and transported through our logistics platforms in France. We are particularly proud and grateful to our employees who voluntarily agreed to resume their work and enable the production of these masks. Their health, like that of our customers, is our priority. In order to meet the respective hygienic conditions, we have taken strict measures at all locations:

  • Compliance with the minimum distances to social security
  • Team rotations
  • Wear a mandatory mask
  • Temperature measurement at a distance
  • Regular hand cleaning with hydroalcoholic gel or soap and mandatory at the entry and exit points
  • Keep doors open
  • Regular cleaning of machines with disinfectants
  • Daily cleaning and disinfection of changing rooms and toilets
Chantelle Masks
Chantelle Masks
Chantelle Masks


Let us help and be there for one another in these difficult times. Take care of yourself, each other, and stay healthy.